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The Arts at La Verne

La Verne and The Arts

Students interested in music, drama, and the visual arts will find a vibrant community of fellow artists at the «Ƶ;Verne, whether in classes, clubs, or at events on campus.

Plus, in an effort to support our community of talented artists, we offer several amazing scholarships intended just for students in our fine and performing arts majors. .



Do you have a story to tell? The «Ƶ;Verne has a number of strong communication programs designed to give you a voice. Pick up a beat for , our award-winning student newspaper, or write a feature article for , a twice-annual magazine.

Radio and TV

Get on the air at , the campus radio station, or behind the cameras for and , our department-run community access TV stations for the cities of La Verne and San Dimas.

Creative Writing

Is fiction or poetry more your thing? Join our and help manage the , an annual contemporary poetry and fiction magazine featuring national and international authors.

Debate Team

Thinking about something a little more persuasive? Our  is top-notch and competes against some of the best universities in the nation and abroad.


Moved by the music? Our  offers a number of extra-curricular opportunities for music majors and non-majors to get involved.

Join an , including jazz, guitar, and the pep band. The La Verne Symphony Orchestra provides a unique opportunity to perform alongside faculty, staff, and community members. And our Chamber Singers, a 26-voiced audition-based group, has played to international acclaim, touring Europe as well as the United States.

Don’t know how to sing or play an instrument?  The university hosts dozens of concerts each year that you can enjoy as an audience member, and many of the shows are free for students.


The and Music departments works in close alliance to dazzle the campus community with several theater productions each year. Majors and non-majors alike can audition for the plays or musicals and participate in other creative events, like dance workshops and open mic nights, throughout the year.

The university’s include the 250-seat Dailey Theatre and the 70-seat Jane Dibbell Cabaret.

Fine Arts

You can explore the through classes and lectures, as well as view exhibitions by students and professional artists at the , the , and the .

Public art is important to the «Ƶ;Verne, and large-scale sculptures and murals can be found throughout campus.


Through the , you can work with faculty to explore digital photography and refine techniques in the darkroom. You can also view and be inspired by contemporary photographers at the