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University of La VerneTitle IX

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

– Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 to the 1964 Civil Rights Act


The Office of Institutional Compliance’s Title IX and Civil Rights program works to cultivate a campus community focused on care and compliance. It serves as a central location for civil rights education, policy, reporting, supportive measures, and resolution procedures. In partnership with other offices across campus, the Office works to ensure that the University maintains compliance with federal and state civil rights laws, including Title IX.


Meet the Title IX Coordinator

Alison Vicroy serves as the University’s Title IX Coordinator leading the University’s  compliance efforts, including Title IX and civil rights. Alison brings her experience in higher education law, compliance, and civil rights to her role as the Institutional Compliance Officer and Title IX Coordinator for the «Ƶ;Verne. In this role, she focuses on ensuring that the University complies with civil rights laws like Title IX and promotes a caring and considerate culture of gender equity. Alison enjoys making the highly complicated world of Title IX and civil rights accessible and understandable for all members of the University community. Her favorite part of the job is working with students and employees to build equitable campus environments and implementing supportive measures that allow everyone to thrive at the «Ƶ;Verne.