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The «Ƶ;Verne has long realized the importance and value of educating military professionals transitioning to civilian life after serving our country. Our regional campus at Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) offers degree completion and master’s programs at both Point Mugu and Port Hueneme for active duty members and their families, civilian contractors, and civil service personnel. The result is access to relevant, real world–based educational opportunities that expand skill sets and prepare for a promotion or leadership role.

Degree Programs

The «Ƶ;Verne understands the distinct needs of active-duty military members and the challenges they encounter when trying to finish a degree while serving. NBVC offers degree completion and master’s programs in a flexible environment geared toward the schedule and demands of military members and individuals working at the base.

In addition to serving the needs of students in all military branches, the ease and availability of the «Ƶ;Verne’s courses at the Naval Base Ventura County Military Center align with the objectives of the Navy College Program (NCP). NCP opens up the opportunity for you to earn a college degree while serving and assists with translating training, work experience, and off-duty education into academic credit. NCP addresses the needs of mobile sailors: no matter where you are stationed, you’ll be able to access educational opportunities and transfer the credits you’ve acquired thus far.

Programs at Naval Base Ventura County

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Graduate Programs